The Curbtender from Wayne Engineering Corporation is a true performance powerhouse. Feature for feature, Curbtender gives you outstanding operating efficiency and mechanical durability - and that means optimum performance over the long haul.

At the heart of Curbtender's success is a powerful arm capable of extended reaching and heavy lifting at quiet idling engine speeds. Simultaneous load and pack operation makes short work of long routes. And adjustable wear components eliminate downtime for premature or uneccesary maintenance.

  • Solid State proximity switches provide added efficiency for all operating skill levels. The proximity switches are reliable and increase speed and smoothness of the arm. Loader arm automatically dumps cart when in the target position over hopper.
  • Simple, proven hydraulics are evidenced throughout. Hoses are neatly retained and protected. Air control tubing is protected inside conduit. Valves are readily accessible. A diagnostic test port is also provided.
  • Universal Gripper Option - Dual pressure operation provides the needed force to handle the largest of carts, including 60, 90, 300 and 450 gallon. 2,000 lb. lifting capacity.
  • Solid-State PLC Controle Console simplifies operation and maintenance. All main system functions are right at the operator's fingertips, including emergency-stop, packer cycle, automatic packer counter, tailgate open and close, and full-eject operation. Complete Alpha-numeric readout indicates system status at a glance.
  • Tip-to-Dump with Full-Eject Option features a trouble free single stage 61/2" pack cylinder with three times the retracting force of the full eject series. Air operated spool valves are simple in design and easy to diagnose. A frame-mounted hydraulic tank features and inline filter to ensure long term performance